"alpineglow ii", The Iowa Review (forthcoming)

"shock box", Best American Experimental Writing Anthology 2020 

"frotteur 0", Ninth Letter 

"daughter of pearl", Black Warrior Review 

"emblam" & "then at one point i did not need", Berkeley Review 

"woman house", phoebe 

"geminiphobia", Reality Hands

"editrix", Palimpsest: Yale Graduate and Literary Arts Magazine


"waxed" and "i'm trying my hand at fashion photography", The Bennington Review (print)

"organist" and "projectionist", Fugue 

"matricide", DATABLEED 

"cryptobeauty" and "pressed", NICE CAGE

"frotteur iii", Epiphany Magazine (print)

"woman house", phoebe 

"poltergeist i" and "poltergeist iii", New Delta Review

"ribcage ii", Berfrois

"Neap Tide", Mississippi Review


"electroshock", Dream Pop Press

selections from DEATH INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX, Deluge

"As Thyself", Heavy Feather Review


"Intoxication", New Orleans Review (print)

excerpts from FIDELITORIA: FIXED OR FLUXED, SET (print)

excerpts from PARTY SPIRIT, Vector Press (print)

"[                       ]", Sprung Formal (print)

"Stable+Orbit", OHIO EDIT

"Modern Light", Yalobusha Review


"Our Lady of the Sacred Rabbit Heart", Gobbet 


"Imprint" & "Monday", Flag + Void 

"When an Ordained..." & "The Coming Insurrection", Horseless Press

"SUMMONS", Juked (print)

"DOES the INTERLOCUTOR....", Dusie 

excerpts from BOUND, finalist for Tarpaulin Sky's 2015 book prize

"Demiurge", The Colorado Review

"MEDIUM", Inter|rupture

"Ex Nihilo" at Prelude


"Soft" at The Volta

"Cosmology" at Loose Change


AIR at GlitterMOB

WATER at Deluge

FIRE at The Atlas Review (print) 

Recount at NOO

Another Sunday from Smoking Glue Gun

The Indiscrete Tarot at OHIO Edit

Accounting For at Foothill: A Journal of Poetry (nominated for a Pushcart Prize, 2014)

Elemental, Patients, Rights and Responsibilities & Greeting Card in an Iowa Accent at SOFTBLOW

How to Infuse Spirits at BlazeVOX

To Testify--Through the Fog and Filthy Air at BlazeVOX

'Tis at BlazeVOX

The Word at The Spoon River Review

Confession #19 & Testing at Similiar:Peaks::

Rarely is There Any Real Astrophysical Relationship To Stars Within a Constellation, Rather They Merely Appear in Proximity to One Another When Viewed from Earth Due to the Human Eye’s Low Light Sensitivity; the Space Between the Stars...at Eunoia Review

Blue Highway at Eunoia Review


There is No Third Position at SAND 

Pedagogy & Lost to Space at Printer's Devil Review

Made at Sonora Review

Spectrum at The Fairy Tale Review (print) 

Rapture at Quarter After Eight (print)

Invitation to a 40th Birthday at Gigantic Sequins (print)





"Burn Season", Deluge

"∞", Collected Voices in the Expanded Field, 11:11 Press


"Camp & Coping in Cléo from 5 to 7", The Bennington Review (forthcoming)

"i’m going to speak slowly / in the language of the mise en abyme, or, an afterword to Death Industrial Complex", Action Books Blog



An interview with rob mclennan

An interview about Death Industrial Complex with Justin Greene at Tarpaulin Sky 

An interview with Poetry Mini Interviews


An interview about the DGP chapbook Curse Words with Matthew Burnside at BOAAT Press

A reading of “EARTH” at BOAAT Press


A reading of "When an Ordained Instrument" at Horseless Press 

A reading from “Dear Ra” by Johannes Göransson at SPORK Press


of...The Trilogy by Bruno Öijer for Action Books Blog

of…My Enemies by Jane Gregory at Heavy Feather Review

of…SORROWTOOTHPASTE MIRRORCREAM by Kim Hyesoon at Heavy Feather Review

of… A Starving Music Will Come to Eat the Body by Carleen Tibbetts at Banango Lit


an very short essay on Ask by The Smiths for COLDFRONT


a hybrid essay on Aquarius for Serpentine Magazine

a video essay co-created with Andrew Morgan on Pisces for Serpentine Magazine

a hyrbid essay on Aries for Serpentine Magazine

a hybrid essay on Taurus for Serpentine Magazine

a video essay co-created with Andrew Morgan on Gemini for Serpentine Magazine

and an essay on The Poetics of Lana Del Ray at Heavy Feather Review

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